Distorted Visions

Distorted Visions

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Get Lost In These Groundbreaking Lorn Samples

Size: 1.5 GB 
Ableton Live 11: 3 x Fully Mixed Interactive Demo's 
Ableton 11 Multi-Track Sessions
5 x Multi-sampled Dave Smith Prophet Instruments, 
23 Ableton Instrument Racks, 
10+ Ableton Drum Racks

Loops: 152  
MIDI: 80
One Shots: 23
Serum Presets: 11 
Styles - Inspired by the sounds of Lorn, Ableton lIve Sample Pack, Sci-Fi, 80's Nostalgia, Analog Synths.



Download Futuristic Ableton Live Sample Packs

With over 2 months in development, we are outrageously proud to introduce our newest collection; DISTORTED VISIONS. 

Breaking the mould of what a 'sample pack' can be, this explorative collection of presets, interactive demo's, racks, loops & one shots is set to become an instant classic.  For the first time ever you will have the chance to get inside our sample creation process.  

Produced solely in Ableton Live 11 Suite, each loop has been created using the finest of processes, utilising bespoke instrument choices, mixed by and available for YOU to tweak and explore!  

Here's what you get: 

Groundbreaking Analogue Synth Instrument Racks

Interactive Demos - Included are 3 full Ableton Live sessions that include an interactive demo, fully mixed and routed - These are waiting to be explored and tweaked to work just how YOU want it.  

Think FX, Advanced Automation, Routing, Drum Rack Processing & More - See BEHIND the curtain!

Ableton Live Racks -  23 Bespoke instrument racks, all informed by the sound world of Lorn.  6 macros' per instrument offer yet more sonic flexibility. 

Dave Smith Prophet - 5 of the finest multi-sampled instruments from the industries most revered analogue synths.  This classic synth, inside your DAW!

Loops & One Shots - Expertly mixed & processed, ready for any DAW or session. 

MIDI - 80 MIDI files that can easily be dropped onto one of our pre-made instruments or thrown onto your favourites.

Sci-Fi Tinged Lorn Samples

So, if you're a huge fan of Lorn, love the 80's future tones of Blade Runner or just love Ableton then this ones a no brainer.  Our most interactive, educational and expansive collection to date - we just can't wait for you guys to get your hands on this!