Distorted Visions: Instrument Overview


Breaking the mould of what a sample pack can be, Distorted Visions is our first collection to provide the complete producer toolset.  Included in the pack are 23+ incredible Ableton instrument racks that harness the true power of Ableton Live 11.  Placing the exact sounds from the collection into your own DAW is the way all sample packs should be delivered.  The question is, what are Ableton Instrument Racks and how do we use them?  Let's find out!

Note: You'll need Ableton 11 Suite to run these.  If you don't have this installed you can get a FREE 90 day trial HERE or alternatively just select the loops & Samples option only when checking out.



What's included?

Nestled inside this sample beauty you'll find all the usual loops, one shots & MIDI mixed and mastered to be track ready.  But, that's not all! The true beauty lies in our selection of interactive demo's and Ableton instrument racks.  These instruments hold the true power in placing the actual sounds of the collection into your DAW.  To accompany the instruments we've also multi-sampled a Dave Smith prophet synth for that extra touch of analogue beauty!


Included within the collection is a folder of Ableton sessions that includes the following:

  • Interactive Demo - 3 x Full Ableton sessions housing all the samples, track examples, automation and mixed by our in house team.
  • Multi-sampled Prophet - 5 x Deep sampled Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 patches.  These also come in the form of Ableton instrument racks
  • Instruments - 23 Bespoke instruments that harness the true sound of Distorted Visions.

The video above shows you the instruments in action but for anyone new to Ableton we'll describe how to use them below.


Distorted Visions - Check The Collection



Breaking the moult of what a 'sample pack' can be, this explorative collection of presets, interactive demo's, racks, loops & one shots is set to become an instant classic.  For the first time ever you will have the chance to get inside our sample creation process.

Produced solely in Ableton Live 11 Suite, each loop has been created using the finest of processes, utilising bespoke instrument choices, mixed by and available for YOU to tweak and explore!



What is an Ableton Instrument Racks?

An Ableton instrument rack is a collection of instruments, FX, arpeggiators, samplers or devices that operate like a normal VST / AU Synth.  We're able to group together Ableton plugins to build these great sounding instruments that look clean and crisp yet offer endless flexibility.

To save an instrument rack into your collection just click the floppy disc looking item at the top right of the instrument.  💾

Using these like a normal instrument works great but the fun comes when you start to modulate things using the 8 macros.  Not sure what they are?  Read on..



Let's talk about Macro's

Attached to each instrument are 8 macro's.  We've organised them so they're consistent across each instrument but offer appropriate modulation options.

ADSR - You'll find this across all of our instruments.  This controls how fast the sound starts and also how long the sound plays for when you pressing the note.

Top 4 - The top 4 macro's vary between all instruments but often include filter control, FX and arp rates.  See the video below to check the macro's in action on our Prophet instruments.