Distorted Visions: Interactive Demo's Explained


Ever bought a sample pack and it's just not quite right?! well, we feel you!  The format of an audio loop is perfect in many circumstances but often not in all.  This is why we developed the Touch Loops interactive demo's.

By not only allowing you guys access to the mixed sounds we're also providing the building blocks of what makes a great loop.  MIDI, Instrument racks, mix decisions, Ableton templates and sample layering is all included.   Want to tweak the sound and the notes to fit your track?  Now you're able to, all with the knowledge you've got the loop and the original sound source to fall back on!  Let's find out more.



What is an 'interactive demo'?

Good question!  So included with the Distorted Visions pack we've included 3 Ableton 11 Sessions that house all the good stuff.  We're talking instrument racks, FX chains, drum racks, loops, MIDI and samples.  What's better is that all sounds are produced within Ableton 11 giving the chance to get fully under the hood!  Each sessions also includes 4 or 5 track construction kits that form the bedrock of the demos.  The image below gives you an idea of how this looks.


Ableton Templates_AbletonAutomation


Access the Touch Loops sound & mix down techniques

Not only do you get access to all the sounds but you can now experience the mix choices that we made when combining the elements within the pack.  Layering loops can be a tricky business but with Distorted Visions YOU are now in control.

Producers often speak about cutting out 'muddy' frequencies or panning for space, using reverbs or gaining a 3-D Mix.  Well, with this you can experience that for yourself, copy the ideas, save the racks, change notes, manipulate the key, develop our ideas or completely remix them!  The world is your oyster!


Why include Ableton templates?

DAW templates are a great way to learn but often providing plugin chains without context just doesn't work.  That's why we decided to head down this new route.  Each sound is unique so the settings that someone might classify as being 'perfect for a snare'  might not work on your snare.  That's why all our mix decisions are in conjunction with the instrument or audio.. it makes sense to see them hand in hand so you can really get a feel for why we did what we did!


Ableton Templates_ DistVisions_Studio


Make the sound your own

The most important reason for any of this!  Providing packs in this way gives YOU the freedom to do as you wish!  We want to enhance your creativity placing the ball firmly in your court!

Remix, steal, edit, borrow, save, embellish or just learn.. we can't wait to see what you produce using this pack!