Our Story

The Beginning

Touch Loops was founded by long-time friends Chris & myself (Rich). Divided by oceans but with a united love for great sounding music, we set about creating a company that would put the ‘soul’ back into the sample industry.



Working out of London, Leeds & LA, the combination of both our individual and shared experiences are what drives us to create beautiful sample collections.


With a love of all things analogue, we are 100% committed to ensure that every sample that leaves the studio door has been expertly mixed, is technically sound and carries the Touch Loops character (we love analogue saturation).


It's this foundations that live inside every single one of our royalty free sample packs



Touch Loops has and will always be about quality and style. We don't chase trends but instead, focus on amazing recordings that will stand the test of time. 



The Sound

By utilising the same gear that shaped so many great songs of the past, we pride ourselves in creating products that are both forward thinking, but with a foot firmly in the past. From iconic 909’s to classic drum breaks, we really care. If it's not good enough, you won't find it in our store!  



The Instruments & Players

With years of stashing and collecting, we've amassed something of a treasure chest of audio goodies. From our beloved David Smith Prophet to our vintage Fender Rhodes, we alway ensure all our instruments are expertly cared for as the character really is inside this gems.

The same goes for our musicians, every single musician has a story to tell, and we're incredibly lucky to have the opportunity share that with you all.