Elements - The ultimate mini packs

The lowdown.. 

..Easy to miss due to their size but punching way above their weight! The Elements mini series is an opportunity to dig into new genres and worlds that you may have overlooked previously. 




Small enough to take a risk but detailed enough to make a difference, there are a few key components that make them so special! So.. 


The Details

Now this is what makes them special. Each pack has been devised to be completely modular. And what do we mean by that? 

Well, it means that each loops has been composed at the same tempo and the same key. Offering endless flexibility, one can easily try out a new piano line, a selection of alternate bass lines or a pad sample from a differing section. 

This is also incredibly useful when looking to structure a song. Offering alternate chord progressions and bass lines you can easily build out a chorus and verse or A/B section depending how you work. 


Knowing that each loop will seamlessly work with all the other samples is incredibly reassuring and inspiring!


The Collections

Elements: Melodic Techno


Kicking things off with our Jon Hopkins inspired collection, Melodic Techno. This anthemic beauty blends all the emotion of Jon Hopkins' music with the Berlin rave aesthetic that we all know and love. Not on to be slept on. 




Elements: Dark Pop


Dark Pop is an exploration into the world of abstract pop. Inspired by the sounds of Arca, Bjork & FKA Twigs. Beautifully eery but with that modern drum touch. This eclectic pack sure stands out from the crowd! 



Our Elements pack now number 12 in total.. be sure to check them out and see how they could lift your next production.


Elements: Lucid Beats


Things got incredibly textural in our Lucid Beats collection. Taking reference from artists like Teebs, Shigeto, Shlohmo & of ccourse, Brainfeeder! Each loop offers that classic west coast swing that is so crucial to the beat scene world - iconic!




Elements: Songwriters Electronics



Songwriters Electronics leaned heavily into one of modern music's most important producers; James Blake! Haunting pianos, emotive leads and found sound beats all decorate this sample must-have.