Touch Elements - Dark Pop

Touch Elements - Dark Pop

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Experimental Dark Pop Sample Pack.

Continuing our series of 'elements' packs, 'Dark Pop' is a dive into the world of experimental, twisted, yet rich abstract Pop music. Fans of FKA Twigs, Arca and Bjork will all find something to love here in a pop sample pack that's like no other.


Twisted Melodies.

Broken down into eight unique construction kits you'll find endless combinations of fierce trap beats, contorted synth loops, melancholic pads, eclectic tuned percussion loops and stacks of driven 808 bass loops. We've also included over 20 driven one shots that can easily drop into your sampler of choice offering even more sonic possibility. Mix ready and system tested, this incredible pop sample pack will act as he foundation of a new track or create an incredible instrumental for a vocalist looking to take your music somewhere more daring.


Driven 808's & More.

So if you're looking to delve into something a little more twisted than the norm then this ones for you - a sound design masterpiece waiting to be abused.

Size: 196mb
Pack: Loops: 48 & One Shots: 21
Tempos: 140bpm
Instruments - Arca & Bjork inspired dark pop samples. Trap beats, wave table synths.