Inside Fluidity - Creating The Sounds Of Arca

Over the last few months we've had a lot of requests for a greater insight into how packs are made.. so.. Here we are!


In this blog / video article we're going to explore the techniques used in the creation of our Arca based sample pack Fluidity featuring the finest Future music loops.



Creating Arca Style Drum Loops

By utilising Ableton's swing and grid settings we're able to add movement to what could easily be a static drum groove.  The odd placement of kick 2 throws the beat and re-enforces the forward momentum.



Writing Trap Hats

Arca's music famously references Hip-Hop & Trap so Stu has showed a great way to create movement in your hats.

By using Ableton's flexible grid settings we're able to place hats at different sub divisions as well as in a triplet grid.

Short Cuts -

  • CMD+1 - Smaller Grid Division
  • CMD+2 - Larger Grid Division
  • CMD+3 - Creation Of A Triplet Grid.



Ableton Max4Live Effects - Granulator 

Granulator is included with Ableton Live 10 Suite but can be downloaded  HERE

Often overlooked, Ableton's Max4Live devices can breath live into loops, samples and any sound it so graces.  Here we place a bounced version of our pre-recorded percussion loop and automate the 'Grain Size' & 'File Position' to add movement and glitch.


This compliments our drier, simpler percussion line creating a 3-D mix and feel.



Download The Samples Used In This Video HERE


Ableton WaveTable


Ableton's wavetable is a treasure chest of opportunity.  Inside the video Stu explores using the Unison section (Bottom Right) in 'Noise' mode to add extra grit and texture to the synth sound.  This noise section follows the envelope of the sound and is great for toughening up sounds that may have sounded flat or fake.



The bass sounds used in the video were created by the incredible free offering from Plaster Sound.  Grab the multi-samples HERE


So, there we go!  If this was your kind of thing let us know.. we're keen to carry on spreading the knowledge in the Touch Loops community so if there's anything that we could do better we'd love to know.