Creating The Sounds Of Flying Lotus Part 03

How To Get The Thundercat Bass Sound

In this, the third and final part of of our Creating The Sounds of Flying Lotus series, we're getting down, dark and dirty. Utilising some key Ableton hacks, a little patience and some awesome editing, Stu shows you how to get the Thundercat bass sound in your own DAW! 

Manipulating audio is something that we love at Touch Loops HQ and this is possibly one of the finest examples of it. 

👉 Have you seen the first episode? No? Check it out HERE!



Sample Packs included:

Astral Interludes - Our Flylo inspired collection of wonky jazz loops & samples. 



The pack for which these videos were designed. Our Astral Interludes sample pack showcases Flying Lotus in one of his important eras. Thundercat style bass loops, duke and trap drums, ethereal keys and the lush vocals that inspired our Ethereal Voices collection. 



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