Creating The Sounds Of Flying Lotus | Part 01

How to produce music like Flying Lotus 

In our latest video series, Stu from the team has revisited his iconic, Flying Lotus inspired collection Astral Interludes. A much requested breakdown, this 3 part video series highlights the techniques that you could utilise when trying to produce music like Flying Lotus. 

Utilising a combination of synths, live recordings and processing techniques, Stu was able to harness the sonic madness that is the Brainfeeder guru himself!



In the first of a 3 part series. Stu walks you through the processes and techniques needed to create an amazing sonic bed of e-bowed guitars, meandering harps and jazz bass licks inspired by the incredible Thundercat. 



Sample Packs included:

Astral Interludes - Our Flylo inspired collection of wonky jazz loops & samples. 



One of our most popular collections to date and packed with crate digging must haves. This Touch Loops favourite includes a whole host of amazing Rhodes progressions, live drum samples, manipulated bass loops, lush vocal phrases and so much more. 



Ethereal Voices - Playable Vocal Samples 



These amazing vocal samples are a sight to behold. Covering 6 wonderful instruments, these playable samples are pivotal in creating that Flylo sound but worry not, they work perfectly across all genres! Add that vocal texture to the mix!