Ethereal Voices - Ableton Instruments

Ethereal Voices - Ableton Instruments

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Ableton Live Instruments.

Presenting the second in our series of bespoke Ableton Live Instruments we bring to you Ethereal Voices. Developed over the last 3 months including the in depth recording of 3 separate vocalists, this incredibly unique, inspiring and flexible instrument offers a wealth of vocal based pads, leads, and textures right at your finger tips.

Incredible Vocal Loops & Textures.

Included are 6 Ableton Live instruments covering styles from single vowels and notes to processed vibrato moving vocal pads, oooh's, ooo's, ramping female phrases and so much more. Each one offers something completely unique allowing your tracks to breath in an organic way that only a human vocal can allow.

Enchanting And Playable Vocal Pads.

How it works: Each vocal includes 2 separate FX versions offering a vast array of sonic possibilities as soon as you press a single note. Each of these effects have been mapped to a single macro that morphs from one effect to another showcasing the lush soundscapes that evolve and envelop each stunning vocal phrase.

FX Macro - Think lush, pitched reverbs, evolving granular delays, harmonizing synth FX and so much more. A macro controlled release dial allowing you to manipulate each sample from a lush, long vocal phrase to short vocal stabs that fit all genres and styles.

All instruments include a HPF & LPF offering yet more sonic possibilities.

VHS - A macro that controls numerous FX creating that lush 80's sound - Think warbling tapes, rich chorus FX, analogue saturation and extra noise for that bit of Touch Loops seasoning.

Reverb & Delay across all instruments meaning all your FX are housed within one single instance. The Sounds: Ooohs - Classic female vocal sounds, perfect for pads and ambiences Ooooo - Slight vowel change that perfectly compliment the other palettes.

Ramp - Pitching vocal moments. Something incredibly unique. Vibrato - Processed and manipulated sounds offering organic movement and rhythm. Female Long - Beautiful long notes, ideal for constructing chords and soundscapes. Male Long - Stunning long male notes, the perfect accompaniment to the other beautiful textures.