Best Samples Packs Of 2021

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Introducing The Best New Sample Packs Of 2021

As years go 2021 has been somewhat mixed but alas, in the sample pack world we were lucky enough to work with some incredible musicians, support what they do and release some incredible sample gold.  

Let's dig in and look over the best new sample packs of 2021..!


Distorted Visions



Starting off with a BANGER!  Distorted Visions digs deep into our love of cinema, sound design and the work of legendary producer Lone!  Featuring an eye watering 1.5gb of incredible content, the pack features 3 packed out Ableton sessions, incredible loops & MIDI, a multi-sampled Dave Smith Prophet & so much more. The ultimate producers toolkit!



808 Raver



Sampling arguably the most iconic drum machine of all time is no easy feat, that's why we took our time.  808 Raver features some of the most beautifully recorded drum loops, one shots, percussion grooves and more.  This is one we're truly proud of..!



Reel To Reel Grooves



 Performed by the incredibly talented Miguel Andrews, each one of these incredible loops comes in 2 versions.  Original; This beauty is light on its feet and captures the true tone of the shells and performance. Finally Tape, this beauty packs a punch and harnesses the character of a driven tape machine in all it's saturation beauty!



 Rare Jazz Rhodes



I mean, where do we start with our love for the Fender Rhodes?!  This iconic collection features some of our favourite Rhodes recordings of all time.  Expertly mixed, mastered and processed, they're a shining light in our already extensive collection of stunning Rhodes loops.




Sunset Soul


We couldn't finish this round up without speaking of long time friend of the label Jonni Scott.  When Jonni's not touring with the cream of UK underground RnB / Hip-Hop he's out creating world class sample packs.  This one truly stands out from the crowd!  
Harnessing the tones of classic 70's soul, these iconic songs starters are enough to dig any producer out of their song writing rut!