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Reel To Reel Grooves

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Iconic Live Hip-Hop Drum Samples

Introducing Reel To Reel Grooves. Timeless, iconic and oozing with grit, each one of these incredible live hip-hop drum samples are packed with the true essence that makes up an inspiring drum break. From the saturated tape tones to the rolling ghost notes and shuffles, each loop is brimming with character and will fit perfectly against any Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Soul track it touches. Let's find out more.


Best Live Drum Samples Miguel Andrews


Like to know more about the pack? We recently sat down with the packs creator Miguel Andrews where we chat about why these are the best live drum samples 

Incredible Tape Saturated Tones

Inside this huge collection of drums breaks you'll find three clear tones: Originals - Beautifully mixed & incredibly detailed but without the dense tape processing. A little lighter on its feet, these loops will work perfectly when the bass or sub is holding down that low end. Taped - Full fat goodness.

These loops have been run to tape and offer more weight, saturation and blown out beauty. These will be the driving force of your track.. killer! FX - Processed with analog delays, spring reverb tanks and rich effects.

Style wise we've covered tempos ranging from 75-150 so expect double time madness, Dilla inspired Boom bap breaks, spring driven dub elements, iconic hip-hop grooves, drums fills and so much more. We've also sampled the kit so you've got those clean one shots ready for your samplers!



Download Royalty Free Drum Loops

So, if you're looking to add some live drums to your collection then this is the one. Tonal perfection, outrageously well performed and super flexible, this collection swings!

Size: 503.4Mb
Loops: 300
One Shots: 28
Tempos: 75-150 Bpm
Styles - Live Hip-Hop Drum Samples, Spring Loaded Classic Breaks, Boom Bap Rhythms & More.