Best sample packs in 2022

Rounding up the best sample packs in 2022

In 2022 we managed to release a staggering 48 new sample packs. Covering all genres, styles, instruments and of course Beat Delivery free sample packs, we're so proud of the output! 

Shining a light on a whole bunch of new producers as well as returning to work with a few favourites, we're couldn't be more stoked about presenting to your our best samples packs in 2022. 

So, let's do it.. 

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After Dark Rhythms - Iconic RnB / Beat Scene collection 

After Dark Rhythms expertly drifts between smooth RnB, dark hip-hop rhythms and instrumental trap! Leaning into the darker side of things, it also includes some expertly produced 808's that are primed and ready for your sampler! 


RnB Beat Loops


Songwriter Guitars - Lush pop, soul & hip-hop guitar samples

 Written and recorded by the amazingly talented Rebecca Mardal, Songwriter Guitar leans into the more soulful side of pop music. Showcasing iconic chord progressions, delicious licks and tight rhythmic progressions, this one is a timeless beauty!


RnB Beat Loops


Drum Anthology Vol I - Iconic live drums, recording the right way! 

I mean, where do we start with this one?! Recorded at our favourite analogue studio Greenmount, this epic collection of drum loops are some of our favourite to date! Beautifully saturated, multiple mixes and impeccable performances! 


RnB Beat Loops


Cryptic DnB - Hard hitting, dark DnB Samples that cut!

Now this one rips! Produced by Ram Records extraordinaire Vosko, these beats come with a pedigree that only labels like Ram can provide!  
Dark, broadening and incredibly precise, this is the future sound of DnB, and we're stoked to have him on board!

RnB Beat Loops


Psych Breaks - Incredible live soul and jazz quartet samples

A recent collection but one which we know will stand the test of time. Psych Breaks is everything that we love about music. Great musicianship, iconic vintage tones, lush recording and instantly inspiring! 


RnB Beat Loops


RnB Harmonics - Lush RnB vocal samples, harmonies and ad-libs.

A pack which might have slipped through the net, this one is special! Focusing and beautiful melody, outrageously good performance and great mixes, these vocal samples are endlessly creative and guarantee to become a go-to when a full vocal, edgy chop or ethereal voice edge is needed!

A deserved place on our best samples in 2022 list! 


RnB Beat Loops