Cryptic DnB

Cryptic DnB

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Inside The Pack:
Size: 275.2 Mb
Loops: 80
One Shots: 41
Tempos: 130 -174
Styles: Tough, punchy DnB with an otherworldly edge.


Otherworldly DnB

Welcome to Cryptic DnB, our newest Drum & Bass sample pack. Cryptic by name and by nature, the pack mixes hard, industrial beats and sound-designed heavy pads and bass to create a remarkable and unsettling collection of loops and one-shots.

Powerful Beats & Basslines

Inside you’ll find punchy, compressed and transient heavy beats, mixing unusual and fresh sounds to put you in the right space and get floors moving. The bass folder is stand out; never still, each loop moves and twists with powerful saturated and distorted gold. Truly one of the best!

This extends into the lead/synth folder; where truly otherworldly, unique sound selection and processing give us a collection of insane sounds. Screeches and sirens to horns and saws! Finally, the melodic folder carries the emotion of the pack. Dark and brooding arpeggios, synth keys and pad stabs bring the pack to life.

Unique & Challenging

From 130 to 174, all rhythms of DnB are covered here. Be sure to start exploring this one right away and give your DnB a new, experimental feel! And as always, 100% royalty-free.