Songwriter Guitars

Songwriter Guitars

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Inside The Pack

Size: 477.1 MB

Loops: 137

Tempos: 60 - 110 BPM

Styles: Contemporary Pop, RnB, Blues & Soul styles. From ethereal chords to stylish licks & muted riffs.


Beautiful Pop Guitar Loops

Songwriter Guitars is a stylish, beautifully performed collection of 137 guitar loops. Ranging from Contemporary Pop, to Blues, RnB & Soul. Truly a must-have for anyone writing contemporary commercial tracks, in need of some outstanding guitar playing!

Expertly Performed, Arranged & Recorded

From the genius mind & skillful chops of guitarist & producer Rebecca Mardal, 'Songwriters Guitars' effortlessly moves between lush chords progressions, tight muted playing, sharp rhythmic licks & ear-worm riffs. All tracked in her home studio to the highest session standard.


Pop Guitar Loops With Soul

Written with the Pop world in mind, Songwriter Guitars is never far from Rebecca's inspired Soul, RnB & Blues playing. The pack can add style to coming commercial, or be right at home on a deep HipHop or RnB cut. Whatever you're writing next, make sure Songwriter Guitars is a part of it! And as always, 100% royalty-free.