Alt 80's & The Samples It Inspired


Introducing our latest playlist, 'The Alternative 80's'.

Our personal highlights from the era of post-punk, drum machines, the crossover from analog to digital synths, garage recordings, Manchester magic, British accents and the occasional slap bass!  These iconic tones have shaped the music industry and remain as present as ever.  It's these tones that have forged our best 80's Synth sample pack as well as informing our multi-sampled collections.

Sit back, vibe and check out one or two highly recognisable samples ;)



Dystopian Dreams - 80's Cinema Sample Pack



80's Synth sample Pack_DystopianDreamsPack


The iconic tones of 80's cinema shaped the sound world created in our Dystopian Dreams sample pack.  From the rich analog synth samples to the Blade Runner tinged drones and basses, each loop just screams the 1980's, paying homage to the scoring genius that is Vangelis!  A beautifully iconic 80's synth sample pack that screams class.


Rich recently explored what makes the DX7 so great in our latest 'Gear Spotlight' - DX7 Synth Samples 


80s Synth Samples_DX7 BlogLink 


Analogue Archival - Multi-sampled 80's synth samples & more



Reaching the exact tools that shaped the last 30 years of music, Analogue Archival places those iconic 80's synth samples straight into your DAW.  Multi-sampled through an all analogue chain, each sound was beautifully captured, comes with it's own Ableton FX rack and is primed to transform your beats today.



DX7 Synths - The Sound of the 80's - HQ Personal favourite 80s synth samples pack.



The DX7's iconic bells and electric piano tones were the bedrock of any great 80's pop hit.  From the glassy FM tones to the shimmering pads, you can instantly spot this dream of a (complex) machine.   Be sure to hear it in action inside our DX7 sample collection or check our Gear Spotlight: DX7 article.

Warning: We LOVE this synth!