Analogue Archival - Ableton Instruments

Analogue Archival - Ableton Instruments

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Analogue Focused 80's Ableton Synth Pack

Are your productions sounding a little bland and predictable?! Well, look no further friend! Introducing the latest synth beast from our analogue centric studios; Analogue Archival.

We've spent the last month deeply sampling our favourite synths including Moogs, Korgs and an epic Novation Peak for an extra contemporary Wavetable edge. All processed through our in house signal chain of analogue pre to SSL compressor then mixed for that extra gritty touch, we've ensured each instrument patch is both rich, warm and incredibly flexible.


Nestled inside this 2.6gb monster you'll find 21 amazing instruments covering the following:

- Moog - Timeless and rich Moog waveforms including Square, Saw tooth, envelope shaped and 5th / octave additions. Perfect for classic 80's mono leads or dense bass progressions.
- Korg - Warping & classic polyphonic chordal lushness. Ideal of pads and rich chord moments.
- Novation Peak - Extensive sampling of classic waveforms plus we captured the peaks incredible selection of wavetable joy. Added stabs and modulations for extra fun.

Each instrument is broken down into 2 complimenting Ableton racks.
The first is a collection of envelopes, modulators and filter options allowing you to use the instruments in the same way you would any other software synth giving maximum tone shaping and twisting.

To accompany each instrument we've also included a freshly designed Ableton FX Rack that imparts that Touch Loops flavour to any source it so graces. Think gritty Lo-Fi delays, 'VHS' mode, 'Retro' Mode and classic modulation opportunities.

So, if you're looking to add the sounds of some incredible vintage synths to your collection then this ones for you! Ultra flexible, beautifully sampled and mix ready you're just going to adore this timeless tones!


Included: 20 Multi-sampled Analogue Synths
Moog, Korg & Novation Peak.
Raw Saw, Square & Sine Waves, Envelope Manipulated, LFO Driven & Processed Wavetables
Bespoke Vintage Ableton Rack - Vintage FX Processing