Gear Spotlight: Yamaha DX7


From it’s abstract menu layout to the iconic 80’s synth and bell sounds, the Yamaha DX7 has gone down in synth folklore, making it a producer must have.  It’s this random nature, truly timeless tones and nostalgic vibes that make it such a Touch Loops favourite. 

Our beloved DX7 sits pride and place in the studio, still sounding great and ready to provide.  Let’s dig a little deeper into this beast and find out what makes it so great!




The DX7 was originally released in 1983 but harnessed relatively old, FM synthesis technology developed in the late 60’s.  Prior to the DX7’s release, synths were predominantly based around more traditional subtractive synthesis methods like those found in Juno’s and Moogs.

The launch of the DX7 was seen a sonic breakthrough, exposing the industry, and later music tastes to the digital synthesis tones of those classic bell and brass presets as well as the iconic digital keys.

Renowned for its programming complexity, the system work by utilising a system of ratios that allow the relationship between the waveforms to evolve.  It’s this complex nature that led many producers to reach for the pre-built sounds, and what potentially led to so many of the sounds becoming iconic.


What makes the DX7 so great?

 In our eyes, pure nostalgia.  The tones have become so inspirational over the years to an extent where every time we sit down with the piece it just inspires us to create more.  Surely that’s the bench mark of any instrument or piece of kit, right?!


DX7 Synth Samples In Action

Produced late last year, our DX7 synth samples collection truly showcases everything we love about this incredible machine.  Fro the glassy, bell like chordal movements to the iconic leads, it's 80's nostalgia wrapped up in a highly usable loop format!  We know you'll instantly fall in love with these iconic tones. 




You can check the pack HERE



What famous songs have used the DX7?

An easier answer would be find the songs from the 80’s that didn’t.  This synth truly took the industry by storm, shaping the sounds of 80's new romantic and pop eras. 


Billy Ocean - Never Too Late To Try



Tangerine Dream – Ride On The Ray



Sting – Love Is The Seventh Wave