Production Tips

  • How To Mix Using Guitar Pedals

    Intro Mixing with guitar pedals can be a great, and often cheap way to add some (more…)

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  • How To Beef Up Your Drum Loops

    Have you ever downloaded the perfect drum loop but found is just doesn’t contain the right (more…)

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  • Top 5 Drum Break Samples

    Top 5 Drum Breaks

    From the classic Funky Drumer to Ronni Size, find out why the iconic drum break sample (more…)
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  • WhatMakesAGreatSample_Main

    What Makes A Great Sample?

    Ever wondered what makes a great sample or a great sample pack?!  Let’s us explain!   (more…)

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  • Best Samples Of 2020

    2020 was a year to forget but on the sample front we released some heavy hitters!  (more…)

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  • Programming Realistic Drum Parts Blog_Main

    Programming Realistic Drum Parts

    As many of you will know, programming realistic drum parts can be a tricky business.  With (more…)

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  • Exploring Drum Racks In Ableton Live

    Find out the finder details of mastering the drum racks In Ableton Live. Sample pitching, adding (more…)
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  • Live Drum Mixing – Part 2

    In part 2 of our live drum mixing series Rich explores the use of Dynamic EQ, (more…)
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  • Inside Sounds: MIDI Anthology

    Dig deep into our new MIDI sample pack – MIDI Anthology! Including great MIDI Piano Samples, (more…)
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  • Live Drum Mixing – Part 1

    Introducing part 1 of our new 2 part live drum mixing series. With an accompanying video, (more…)
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