Getting More From Sample Packs

We show you how to get more from your samples packs with Ableton Live

Get creative when using sample packs in Ableton live. From pitching and warping to sound design and manipulation we show you how to get more life out of your samples.



Additional Tips!

1. When creating risers from one shots, experiment with tonal sounds that fit within the key of your track. This helps create harmony across your session that can go a lot way in 'glueing' a mix together.

2. If not using Ableton (or looking to experiment a little) there are other fantastic re-pitch plugins that have different colours and strengths. SoundToys 'Little Alterboy' or Waves 'SoundShifter' are good starting points.

3. If struggling to work out the key of something you've moved around from the original pitch, you can count the amount of semitones you've altered the sound up or down. For example, if a loop for a pack is in C and you've moved it up 6 semitones, you're now in F#. If you're having a hard time working this way or need more help, you could convert the loop into MIDI and see what Ableton detects it as, or use a plugin called 'Scaler 2' from Plugin Boutique.

4. That 'AutoPan' trick again: copy the settings below! Then use the 'rate' parameter to alter the speed.


5. We design sample packs as a great way to experiment with sounds and ideas that you might not that the equipment/ resources to create yourself. But always remember, using them as a jumping off point to create your own productions should be the end goal! Have fun with it! 

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