Gear Spotlight: Dave Smith Prophet


Introducing the Touch Loops gear spotlight.  We’ve decided to open the doors to our production process, showcasing our favourite bits of gear for creating the Touch loops sound and giving an insight into the sample production process.

Everyone who works here adores old gear and love giving everyone the chance to indulge in these iconic sounds.  Up first, the now legendary Dave Smith Prophet Rev 2.  As you'll find out, these's a reason why we use this so often when creating any analog synth loops.



The Dave Smith prophet Rev 2 is a contemporary analogue synth inspired by the world famous Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.  Utilising an all analogue selection of oscillators and filters, but with digital envelopes, the Rev 2 took all the charm and character of the original and brought it firmly into the 21st century offering new sound sets, presets and greater durability.


Originally launched in 1977, The Sequential Prophet-5 was designed as the first polyphonic synth with patch memory.  Favourited by artists like Michael Jackson, Tangerine Dream and Phil Collins, this production staple was the sound of the 70’s / 80’s shaping both classic pop, prog and iconic soundtracks like The Terminator & Blade Runner.


Analog Synth Loops_DaveSmithProphet


 What makes the Prophet so great?

One word, character.  Utilising some of the finest oscillator design combined with the now legendary Dave Smith Curtis Filters, the rich waveforms have formed the bedrock of so many iconic records.  It’s this sound set and richness of polyphonic joy that has led to the synth becoming a crucial element for so many great artists.


Feeling like your synths are sounding too digital?!  We show you how to turn those in the box sounds into an analog classic plus more great tips on how to sound analog.


What other artists use the Prophet?

The Prophet Rev 2 has gained an incredible reputation for all the right reasons.  It’s these reasons why it can be found in the studios of artists like James Blake, Thom Yorke, Sufjan Stevens, Black Queen, Nine Inch Nails and Rival Consoles to name a few.  Let’s dig a little deeper to see it in action:


James Blake

Track – Retrograde

Who can forget the iconic chord movement that climaxes throughout James Blake’s iconic track Retrograde.   Check the track in its full live glory below:



Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles has spoken in depth about his love for this synth masterpiece.  Check it in action in this BTS look at his studio for Fact Magazine.




Sequential Circuits Endorsed artist Sahab shows you exactly the reason why we love this synth so dearly!  Dreamy stuff!



What Packs Have ‘The Prophet’ In?

I thought you’d never ask.  The impeccable sound source that is the Prophet can be found in the following packs:


Prophets From the Future

A pack created exclusively using this synth, its’ iconic samples are beautifully performed, mixed and ready to go.

Check The Pack and grab some analogue synth loops.


Boogie Haze

Ripping up all the lead lines and pads, take a dip into the sounds of the 80’s.

Boogie With Us and get down to some classic Funk Loops


Jupiter Blues

Inspired by the great man himself,  these James Blake tinged beauties are incredible song starters as well sampling must haves.

Check the lush selections inside Jupiter Blues HERE