Distorted Visions: Product Overview


With over 2 months in development, we're outrageously proud to present our latest collection, Distorted Visions!  Manipulating what was previously thought to be a 'sample pack', we're letting you guys get inside the process!  Predominantly based around Ableton Suite 11, the collection offers numerous producer benefits BUT if you don't use Ableton but love the sounds you can grab the loops, one shots & MIDI like normal.. we've got you!!

By offering endless flexibility and must-have producer tools, this collection is like no other and guarantee's to become an absolute go to!  From the harmonically rich analog Ableton Racks to the mix ready 'Interactive demo's' there's so much to be explored.  Let's find out more..


Analog Ableton Racks_Ableton Templates_AbletonAutomation


What's inside the pack?
So, here's the details:
Size: 1.5 GB
Ableton Live 11 Suite: 3 x Fully Mixed Interactive Demo's
Ableton 11 Multi-Track Sessions
5 x Multi-sampled Dave Smith Prophet Instruments,
23 Ableton Instrument Racks,
10+ Ableton Drum Racks
Loops: 152
One Shots: 23
Serum Presets: 11


Ableton Live Racks_AbletonMacros



The real beauty in this collection comes in the form of the interactive demo's.. we go into this more below. 



What's an interactive demo?

This is what's makes Distorted Visions different from every other collection.  Featuring 3 packed out Ableton sessions, each one includes constructions that seamlessly flow into each other.  Featuring mix ready drum racks, FX chains, MIDI, automated synths, loop ideas, one shots, sampler instruments, analog Ableton racks and so much more.

We know the annoyance of not being able to get inside the sounds in a collection hence this collection looks to solve that issue!  Check the video below:




Introducing the finest Analog Ableton Racks

To compliment the Ableton sessions you'll find 23 bespoke Ableton instrument racks, perfect for the soundscape sonics of Lorn.  Each one houses 8 of our favourite macros providing a selection of tones that range from soaring, warped leads to earth shaking analogue basses, dancing arpeggios and expansive pads, it's all in there.  Check the video below to hear these in action.




Ableton Live Racks_DistortedVisions_03


We multi-sampled a Dave Smith Prophet

That's right indeed we did!  As you all know we love the Dave Smith Prophet and that's why we wanted to place those sounds inside your very own DAW.  Inside you'll find 5 timeless tones from the Prophet, mixed, loaded and ready to go.  They've been dropped into an Ableton sampler with 8 of our most choices Macros' to get you started!  These things rip!