Creating The Sounds Of Iconic Artists


Over the last 2+ years we've been amassing a series of blog articles known as the 'Creating The Sounds of' series. Digging into finer details of artists ranging from Khruangbin to Bjork, Tom Misch to Jon Hopkins, we see what it takes to recreate the tones of these iconic producers / bands. 


But why?

Well, a common misconception from this series is that we're trying to copy the exact sound of each artist. This is in fact incorrect! 

The aim of each video is to provide you guys with the tools to take snippets, ideas and techniques from each artist and implement them in your own music. By putting your own spin on each artist can lead to amazing creative revelations, building something greater than the sum of its parts! 

So.. let's look at a few that we're super proud of.. 


Jon Hopkins


Jon Hopkins is undeniably one of the most important musicians in contemporary music. Seamlessly blending together influences from techno to ambient, classic & Electronica. Our production series went deep showcasing his trademark bass tones, ethereal highs and beautifully organic drums!




Tyler The Creator


Hip-Hop's shining light! Tyler has transcended the genre, creating progressive album's that portray his transition into fame and changes in sexuality. Divisive, challenging but always intriguing! Our article looked at the finer nuances of his iconic album IGOR!  



Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes


2020's 'What Kinda Music' album came from nowhere but wow did it make an impact! Highlighting the incredibly musicianship of Yussef Dayes, the album saw Tom step back from the song structures and lean into Hip-Hop & Jazz. 

Our Creating The Sounds efforts revealed techniques for gaining those Tom Misch inspired guitar tones, right in your DAW plus it shone a light on the drum genius that rocked our Soulful Drum Grooves collection! 



Ross From Friends


Felix's (RFF) transition from house producer to Brainfeeder family was nothing short of genius. Showcasing the many sides to his production know-how, we just knew that this was on for Stu to tackle and show case! 
Rolling house drums, intricate synth work and much more awaits.



Creating The Sounds of Arca


Last but not least is the one that started it all, Arca! Extravagant, illusive but always compelling, Arca's sound is rarely copied with little known of her true production chops! 

Stu from the team showcases the way in which Arca harnesses classic trap elements to create a collection of alt-pop noises like no other!