World Shakers

World Shakers

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Bespoke Shaker Samples.

World shakers is the ultimate collection of beautifully performed, recorded and designed shaker samples. From rough and ready seed shakers to glossy Cabasa's, we've covered an incredible amount of ground to ensure whatever your production needs is held within this epic percussion sample pack.


Break Away From Rigid Beats.

An often overlooked element, the humble shaker can literally transform your track from a robotic, soulless groove into something that breaths, sways and moves in a much more natural and organic way.

Performed by world class percussionist Chris Wells and recorded through a luxury analogue chain this stunning collection of world instrument loops and shaker samples will become an instant go to. Included you'll find tuned percussion, pace giving tambourines, rich and hearty seeded African Juju shakers akin to Flying Lotus and the beat heavy jazz movements, glossy sand shakers that beautiful sit within your mix and compliment your beat all the way through to the beasty rough tones that grip the listener, dragging your beat into the next bar.

The collection was designed with all genres in mind so tempos cover everything from house to techno, hip-hop to DnB and more so you'll never need to stretch or process losing valuable character.


Perfect For All Styles & Genres.

We've also included an enormous batch of one shots from each of the pieces used across a range of velocities offering maximum flexibility and sonic possibilities. So if you're looking for an incredible useful tool that's rich in performance or organic style then this ones for you - an absolute beauty!

Size: 655.2mb
Pack: Loops: 227 & One Shots: 282
Tempos: 85, 90, 115, 125
Instruments - Shakers, Percussion