World Percussion

World Percussion


Touch Loops
World Percussion
Touch Loops World Percussion


250 Loops
Instruments – 
Shakers, Tambourines, Pandeiro, Bongos, Cajon, Timbales.

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Detailed World Percussion Loops Pack

Performed by world-class session musician Chris Wells, this extensive percussion loops pack covers a huge amount of ground. From classic soft shakers to the rhythmically complex and inspired Cajon loops, each sample just oozes class.

Inspiring Polyrhythms & Groove

When creating percussion patterns the opportunity to develop your ideas and layer sounds can be integral. With this in mind we’ve included a combination of rhythmically simple loops that once placed against other samples become complex and interwoven.
It’s these small beat divisions that lift your drums from the mundane to the inspired, showcasing new levels of swing and groove that can so often be lacking in programmed material.

Rolling Shaker Patterns & More

Continuing this mantra of initial simplicity, you’ll find 5 tempos ranging from 60-120 bpm, meaning double time options as well as preventing too much warping has been covered.
We’ve also ensured each tempo has a range of timbres from the glossy, high frequency shakers to the more low mid rich Cajon loops, the transient strong bell loops and the rustley, organic Shakere, whatever your need we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re looking to add some organic percussion to your palette then look no further, this one will slot beautifully into your tracks and add rhythmic class you never realised you were even missing.

Touch Loops
World Percussion w/ Music
Touch Loops World Percussion w/ Music