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Vintage Guitars

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Timeless Lo-Fi Guitar Samples

Inspired by the sounds of surf rock, psychedelia, southern soul and sunset cruises, these low-slung, super characterful Lo-Fi guitar samples are some of the finest on the market. Performed by the guitar genius that is Runson Willis, each stunning loop harnesses that sunset dripping LA sound to provide non stop character and vibe - An absolute 6 string masterclass.


Beautifully Analog Jazz Guitar Licks

Utilising Runson's exceptional ear for beautiful, unique and stylish melody, Vintage Guitars comes loaded with incredible performances in a sample format you know and love.

Divided down into 3 tempos, each supporting a 'Main Mix' and and 'FX' folder, the range of sounds is as broad as it is genre defining. Capturing of these sounds was taken care of with a full analog chain of UA and SSL, ensuring every last detail was present in the stunning loop selection. We also dug deep into our favourite, 70's inspired FX selections including a Roland 201 Space Echo, Vintage Spring Reverbs, old Phaser FX pedals and washes of beautiful plate reverb with pre-amp saturation.


Spring Reverbs, Echoplex Delays & Endless Vibe

Coming in at a massive 249 loops and 600 mb of lush sample content, this truly unique collection is one that we're incredibly proud of you and just know you're going to turn to time and time again. Whether it's adding a unique 6 string FX section, looking for that next melody or adding the organic tones of a live instrument this pack will deliver each and every time.

Loops: 249
Size: 627.8mb
Tempos - 80-120 Bpm
Styles - Jazz guitars, Lo-Fi Licks, LA styles, Surf Rock Wavey Tones.