Vintage Drum Machines

Vintage Drum Machines

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Drum Machine Samples.

Vintage drum machines does exactly what it says on the tin and my goodness it does it well. A truly timeless collection of vintage and classic drum machine samples processed in the true Touch Loops style; lashings of analogue warmth and saturation!


808's, 909's & More.

Through intense sampling of old and rare drum machines, we've squeezed out every last drop of power to ensure each hit slams as hard as the last. Perfect for creating classic sounding breaks or modern system crunching trap and techno, every producer needs this collection in his sample artillery, so what are you waiting for?!


MPC Samples.

As with all our one shot samples we never believe in heavy limiting of samples ensuring the true tone is clear for all to see, just as the drum machine designers wanted it. So whether you’re a drum machine aficionado or just exploring the sonic possibilities of these incredible machines these beautiful drum machine samples will become your go-to time and time again.

Sampled: 10 Vintage Drum Machines
One Shots: 450
Includes: Roland 606, 707, 808 & 909, MPC1000, E-MU Drumulator, Linn LM-1, Linn LM-2, Roland CR-78, Roland R-8 MKII