Velvet Pop

Velvet Pop

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Experimental Pop Samples

Whimsical, dreamy and truly inspirational.  Velvet Pop is a magical journey into the sample treasure chest that is ambience, jazz, electronica and future pop.¬† These beautifully charming pop samples takes the listener on a journey into a world like no other.  Fun time synths dance against the jazz tinged Rhodes loops, skatty arpeggios sore and amaze whilst the beats offer some grounding to a pack of extraordinary delights.


Emotive Hooks & Lead Lines

Created in house by our favourite resident sound designer, this pack offers absolute tranquility and calm, allowing your compositions to take the listener on an incredible day-dreaming journey. Inspired by the works of Tennyson, Anomalie, Noname and contemporary pop but with it's own unique twist, this delicate and delightful library of pop samples will instantly bring a smile to your face.


Textured Synthesis & Chord Movements

Inside you'll discover otherworldly synth passes, skatty dancing arpeggio's, warm analogue subs, jazz tinged licks and chord progressions, delicious foley based drums, bendy synth chords and a huge selection of wonderful beats and percussion loops. So if you're looking for a collection of sounds that sets you apart from the crowd then this ones for you - an absolute delight and pleasure each and every time.

Size: 588.3mb
Pack: Loops: 192 & One Shots: 113
Tempos: 95-160bpm
Instruments - Rhodes, Analogue Synths, RnB Chords