Twisted Melodics

Twisted Melodics

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Saturated Modular Samples.

From contorted melodies to delicate soundscapes, abstract sound design to found sound percussion loops. Twisted Melodics explores the beautiful world of sound manipulation, processed acoustic loops and extensive experimentation utilising the most incredible of modular set ups we've ever seen creating this incredible batch of modular samples.


Experimental melody & Texture.

This totally unique and expansive sample collection covers a vast amount of new ground. From dusty old techno stabs to lush soundscapes, rich analogue pads and oscillators to dense, warehouse inspired bass lines the inspiration is endless. With the plethora of modules available, the options were never ending allowing each loop to organically grow, develop and evolve into a totally new sound. The level of processing on show is absolutely stunning and showcases familiar sounds in a completely new light.


Rich Spring Reverbs & FX.

To compliment the beautiful melodic content there's also a folder of space echo processed drum loops, acoustic bass samples, textures, noise, incredible analogue one shots and so much more. So, if you're looking for something a little different that adds weight, originality and texture to your tracks then this ones for you. A truly inspired collection that guarantees to breath new life into your production process.

Size: 600.8mb
Pack: Loops: 200 & One Shots: 72
Tempos: 71-141 bpm
Style - Modular Synths, Spring Reverbs, Granular, Kalimba