Transition FX Vol.2

Transition FX Vol.2

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Styles - Uplifters, Risers, Down-lifters, Atmospheric Ambiences, Transition FX & so much more!

Download Epic Synth Riser Samples

Looking to add some serious attitude and tension to your drops?! Well, look no further! Introducing Transition FX Vol.2.

Our latest collection of industry leading synth riser samples. The perfect toolkit for any producer, this epic collection of FX samples will become an instant go-to when squeezing out that extra last drop of energy from any build up or drop. The perfect tension builder or the ultimate pay-off, this one is crucial!

The Ultimate Producers Toolkit

Coming in at a mighty, 2.93GB! Our producer of choice has done some serious leg work to take the hassle out of your production sessions! Inside this monster of collection you'll find:

- Atmospheres: Pitched FX, drone and synth hits that add that extra layer of tension to your tracks!
- Uplifters & Down-Lifters: Available across all whole notes, these extended FX drones are the perfect tension builder. Every producer needs these!
Snare Builds: The perfect accompaniment to the epic uplifters. Rolling drum machine roll's across a range of tones and pitches. 
Impacts: Sci-Fi inspired kick and perc impact sounds. Primed for all genres, film & sound design tasks.
Brass: Epic, transition tones and Pass FX. Think Blade Runner & Dune - Gargantuan tones!
White Noise FX: Would any pack be compete without the original and best? White noise primed for risers and drops. Clean, side chained, rhythmic or driver - it's all in there!

Add Instant Energy & Drama To Any Track

So, if you produce hard hitting beats, techno or love sound design then this one's a no brainer! Incredibly useful, expertly design and such an important component of any producers toolkit! Grab it today!