Transcending House

Transcending House

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Download Organic House Loops

Inspired by the ethereal tones of Caribou, Jamie XX & Four Tet, Transcending House digs deep into a world of organic house loops, twisted garage and contemporary electronica. Utilising the analog tones of 'Daphni', this euphoric collection glides seamlessly between dance orientated grooves, meditative breakdowns, organic instrument loops and classic drum machine influences.


Ethereal Tones & Analog Synths

With character at the forefront of what we adore, each loop is teaming with analog grit, tape machine saturation and beautiful imperfections that stand out from the crowd. Inside you'll find soaring organic lead lines, iconic vocal phrases and stabs, fluttering chord progressions with beautiful pitch modulations and bends, classic garage beats and percussion lines, live house drums, warm sub bass samples and expertly manipulated drum machine must haves.


Driving Garage Stabs & Acoustic Selections

As well as the incredibly useful MIDI loops for all melodic elements and beats, you'll find 33 beautifully produced one shots covering bass stabs, synth stabs and Vox hits plus a huge range of percussion and drum elements. Each loop has been painstakingly checked, mixed and mastered to make sure they're mix ready and primed to drop into your DAW and get creating. So, if you're looking for that 'out the box' sound with soul and vibe then this ones a must have!

Size: 300 Mb
Loops: 100
MIDI: 46
One Shots: 33
Styles - Garage, House & Electronica Inspired By Daphni, Caribou & Four Tet.