Touch Elements - Songwriters Electronics

Touch Elements - Songwriters Electronics

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Welcome to our newest Elements pack, 'Songwriters Electronic' where the lavish piano loops and left field synths marry up with scattered beats and fragmented electronics. From ethereal vocal loops to live upright piano samples these beautifully soulful samples will lighten any songwriting session.

Through sampling, processing and editing we've been able to add extra depth and character to each individual loop. With influences from the stunning back catalogue of James Blake, the emphasis on the unusual is front and centre.

Roomy upright pianos, crackling hip hop beats, outrageously sub heavy bass lines, pitched vocal loops and the iconic Prophet synth sound are all here. We've also included a batch of musical one shots including synth stabs, pad ambiences and more.

So it's time to think outside the box, be musically brave and add some unique off kilter sounds into the mix. 

Loops: 41 & OneShots: 16
Size: 168mb
Tempos: 95-140 bpm
Styles - James Blake Inspired.  Live pianos, Hip-Hop Drums, Electronica