Touch Elements - Serene House

Touch Elements - Serene House

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Explore This Eclectic House sample Library

Serene House, as the name suggests, is a beautifully ambient guitar driven house sample library that's perfectly balanced. Soft, live instrument melodies nestle gently against the rich organic pads to provide a bed of sonic delights.

Sitting at a shuffling 113bpm with all loops in the same key, it rides the line between Four Tet style organic arrangements, and more traditional house ready beats. It's a pack that displays how powerful the 'less-is-more' approach can be and offers inspiration on so many different levels.


Beautifully Organic House samples

Tucked inside this mini pack of delights you'll find beautifully mixed acoustic guitar loops, mellotron inspired flute layers, evolving pads & soundscapes, delicate percussion lines, post rock inspired leads and so much more.


Each loop has been expertly mixed and produced to ensure the samples are mix ready and good to go. It's these combinations of sounds that make this pack perfect for an early hours sunrise set, or an organic electronica production or just offer a little sunlight to your dimly light production. Download and expand your palette today!

Pack: Loops: 46 & One Shots: 20
Size: 360.4mb
Tempos: 133bpm
Instruments - Ethereal House Samples. Organic drum loops, analogue synths, live guitar samples.