Touch Elements: Glacial Pads

Touch Elements: Glacial Pads

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Ambient Music Samples

Glacial Pads consists of 50 stunning pad loops, each capturing the cold winter ensuring your beautifully produced music has that ethereal touch. From the rich and textured to the more delicate and slight, these incredibly useful ambient music samples are the perfect intro builder or breakdown companion.


Ethereal Ambient Pad Loops

Meticulously crafted and designed, each loop is made with the idea of space, depth and character being added to your track. Or, if starting from scratch, sets up the perfect ambient vibe. Intimately played instruments have been stretched, pitched and washed away to create the unique sound palette that's both organic and original. From dub techno to ambient styles these samples will compliment any production.


Craft The Perfect Breakdown

Inspired by the works of Eno, Tim Hecker all the way through to Eluvium these stunning backdrops will sit perfectly against your other musical elements or act as a perfect side chain element to compliment your ducking grooves. So, Download today and drift away!

Loops: 50
Size: 279.4mb
Instruments - 50 amazing pad samples
Tempos: 72-130bpm