Taped Melodies

Taped Melodies

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Download Soulful Piano MIDI Files

Taped Melodies digs deep into the world of soulful chord progressions, delicate piano performances, stunning gear selections and only the finest four chord loops MIDI. Spread across not one but ALL keys, these stunning chord loops are also accompanied by the finest piano MIDI files meaning endless chord options are available at any given moment.


Explore The Finest Lo-Fi Piano Loops

Inside this pack you'll find over 100 chord progressions spread across all loops. Divided down into the 12 keys, you'll find WAV loops options covering classic Rhodes tones, upright pianos, analogue synths, Mellotron loops and so much more. If the sound or key isn't right for you then worry not, we've included the MIDI meaning you can get inside the loop, change the key, adjust the tempo or figure out the theory behind these stunning chord progressions. Maximum flexibility and endless inspiration.


Master Chord Progressions & Keys

So, if you're looking for an instant solution for getting out of rut, getting the ideas flowing or finishing that next track then this ones for you. Never again will you need to worry about not having a starting point in your chosen key and as is the power of MIDI, you can tweak to your hearts content and create iconic chord progressions that will stand the test of time!

Loops: 120
MIDI: 120
Size: 305 Mb
Styles - Soulful Rhodes Loops, lush piano samples, Chord Progressions + Corresponding Piano MIDI Files for all loops.