Space Raver

Space Raver

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Download Iconic Melodic Techno Loops

Inspired by iconic, system ready tones of DJ Seinfeld, Space Raver is an intergalactic collection of discovery and evolution. Shaped into a beautifully crafted sample pack, each one of these stunning melodic techno loops have the opportunity to create 'that track'. The one you always remember.. that's this collection! So, what's inside?


Royalty Free Techno Selections

Nestled inside this techno beauty you'll find rolling drum machine grooves, anthemic chordal patterns, analog driven sub bass lines, trance inducing rhythms, processed organic percussion loops, deep house tinged stabs and endlessly beautifully melodies. Whether you're a deep techno head or love anthemic house, this collection holds the key to breaking out the mould and creating something memorable!


Incredible Techno Stabs & Rhythms

So, if you love all things house and techno or are looking to get into the genre this ones a no-brainer. Pulling in melodic elements that will work both on a system or in the studio, this one bangs!

Size: 511Mb
Loops: 127
Tempos: 112-134 Bpm
Styles - DJ Seinfeld inspired melodic techno loops and samples.  Royalty free techno that's primed for the system!