Soul Voices

Soul Voices

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Beautifully Soulful Vocal Loops

Soul Voices is the debut Touch Loops vocal pack that makes finding the perfect soulful vocal loop easy. No more digging through corny content, excessive FX or cheesy lyrics.


Stunning Female Vocal Samples

Focusing in on what producers really need, Soul Voices is the result of endless recording sessions, tireless tweaking and determined mixing but the results speak for themselves - a pack you'll turn to time and time again.


Sessions Standard Harmonies & Ad libs

By working closely with session vocalist Marija Clara we've created 100 amazing vocal loops that will fit seamlessly into your own productions. Inside you'll find lush vocal hooks plus a super useful variation, corresponding harmonies and ad libs for flexibility plus beautifully soulful oohs and ahhs. If that wasn't enough you'll also find skats and riffs offering little delicate moments of female vocal that can truly lift your drops or breakdowns.

And, because 'more is more' you'll also find 25 super useful chromatic one shots that can be thrown into your sampler of choice, perfect for building vocal chords and melody lines. So, if your tracks are crying out for some vocal lift then this ones definitely for you. Beautifully inspired vocals you'll always turn to.

Pack: 97 Loops & 25 One Shots
Size: 328.8mb
Tempos: 85-120 bpm
Styles - RnB, Soul & Jazz vocals, Harmonies, Ad Libs & Hooks.