Silky Electronica

Silky Electronica

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Incredible Soulful Electronica Samples

Silky Electronica stretches the perception of genre and tempo into worlds not previously explored. With loops ranging from slow house to trap and electronica, these wavey selections play with temporal perception in new and exciting ways. With references ranging from artists like Vegyn & Tourist, the palette on show is as broad as it is groundbreaking. Here's what's inside:


The Perfect Songwriter Collection

Inside this eclectic beauty you'll find trap beats that nod to classic 140 dub vibes, heavily processed vocal and vocoder loops, stunning upright piano performances, rich 808 sub bass lines, Trip-Hop inspired drum programming and some of the most beautiful orchestral work se've seen to date. Complimenting these acoustic elements are expertly designed pads and ambience as well as an abundance of glitch infused percussion loops.


Download Beautifully Wavey Vibes & Loops

For ease of use the collection has been broken down into 9 detailed construction kits that also contain an expertly produced 'Full Mix' section. Deciding whether you choose to sample the full bounce or dig into the individual elements will give beautifully varied outcomes and means your next killer track is just moments away. This ones lush!

Size: 332.8mb
Loops: 78
One Shots: 6
Construction Kits: 9
Styles - Beautiful Electronica & Trip-hop - Inspired by Vegyn, Tourist & Moderat