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Silk Soul

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Explore Beautiful Electronica Samples

From the lush Rhodes hooks to the most delicate of dancing synth lines, Silk Soul is the purest form of delicate electronica. Broken down across 14 amazing construction kits, each beautiful sample is an instant song starter, perfect for a vocalist or that lazy summertime instrumental. What more, we've included over 60 MIDI loops giving even more opportunity for refinement and personalisation of sound.


Download Piano MIDI Loops

Digging inside you'll find 14 construction kits, each with a 'full mix' plus all musical elements that make up the whole. Each kit includes a beautiful Rhodes or piano line, warm analog sub bass, organic pads and atmospheres, delicate lead lines & some incredible synth arpeggios. As always there's some detailed drum work also so that perfect swing and roll. Each loop stands the test of time on it's own but has the amazing ability to lock in with the rest of the kit It's this flexibility that makes the pack so great. We've ensured that each loop must carry weight on it's own as well as in a mix scenario meaning each loop is as inspiring as the next.


14 Construction Kits - All Royalty Free

So, if you're looking to add that delicate edge to your collection then this ones dreamy - stunning musicality and endlessly flexible - from hip-hop instrumentals to emotive film score Silk Soul will provide the perfect backdrop for any scenario.

Size: 427.1mb
Loops: 107
MIDI: 65
Construction Kits: 14
Styles - Soulful Rhodes Loops, Singer Songwriter Aesthetics, James Blake Inspired Construction Kits.