Shaker Anthology

Shaker Anthology

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Download Organic Percussion Loops

Shaker Anthology is a huge collection of percussion loops, expertly played and painstakingly edited. From soft Maracas to Kayamba Long Reeds, Seed Pods to Bamboo Shakers, or used individually or layered up, we’ve got you covered. 

Add Some Human Performance To Your Beats

Never underestimate the power of the perfect Shaker Loop. Packed with movement and performed to subtly push and pull around the grid, this collection will add a human feel and natural rhythm to your music like nothing else. We go deep into the subtle variations of each sound at 4 tempos to avoid the need to repeat a pattern. The more alive the better! As well as the more well-known sounds like Cabasa and Egg Shakers; the pack also includes Kenari Rattles, Lap Shakers, Cax & Ganza, Mini Cax and Bell Caxixi.

Whatever the texture is you need, this pack is the place to start. We’ve also included foley recordings of plates, brooms, bottle lids, ball-bearing shakers and more. All to make sure you have plenty of options and flexibility.

Royalty-Free and Stunningly Played Shaker Samples

At 80, 110, 120, and 140bpm, no genre won’t benefit from this collection. And with over 550 loops, a home in your essential sound library is where it belongs. As always, it's 100% Royalty-Free.



Size: 1.25gb

Loops: 559

Tempos: 80, 110, 120, 240

Styles: Beautifully textured Shaker loops for HipHop, House, Techno, you name it!

Instruments: Bamboo, Cube, Headed, Lap, Egg, Stone, Two-Tone, Cabasa, Cup, Gourd, Seed, Metal, Modulation, Tube, WahKah, Ball Bearing, Sea Shells and UFO Shakers. Kenari and Kenyan Rattle, Plates, Plastic Bottle Lids, Brooms, Seed Pods, Cax & Ganza, Mini Caxi, Bell Caxi and Kayamba Long Reeds.