Prophets From The Future

Prophets From The Future

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Download Iconic Analogue Synth Loops

The iconic sounds and impact of an amazing analogue synth both is, and will always be longed for by producers and musicians alike! It's this admiration that drove us to create a mouth watering collection of Dave Smith Prophet analogue synth loops.


Pure Analogue Signal Chain

Recorded through a beautifully saturated UA Putnam 610 all valve pre-amp, the rich harmonics and singing oscillators have never sounded so good, creating one of our favourite and most useful sample packs to date. From the gripping analogue filters to the lush modulation options, every tiny detail can be admired in this one of a like sample pack jammed full of stunning synth loops.


Timeless Chord Progressions & Lead Lines

Nestled inside this sample beauty you'll find iconic lead lines, timeless chord progressions that offer endless inspiration, dense arpeggios, abstract analogue FX, rich bass work and so much more. So, if you're looking for a taste of classic synth history then this ones for you. With these otherworldly tones at your disposal you'll have everything you need to craft that next timeless hit!

Pack: 92 Loops
Size: 326.6mb
Tempos: 80-140 Bpm
Styles - Dave Smith Prophet Loops, Analogue synth loops, Arps, leads, Pads & Chords.