Percussive Splash

Percussive Splash

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Download Beautifully Organic Live Top Loops

When it comes to swing, rhythm and groove, humans do it best! With that in mind we present to you Percussive Splash. Created by our favourite word-class session musician Gill, this percussion sample pack is brimming with incredible live top loops, organic percussion elements and anything else you could possibly need to create beats that truly groove. From simple ride patterns to more complex multi-section hat, cymbal and percussion loops it's all included. It's that flexibility and progression in complexity will ensure your track shows great progression from a calm intro to a full rhythmic chorus, those options are all inside Percussive Splash.

Live Shakers, Ride Loops and Rolling Cymbal Samples

Digging deep you'll find a pack divided into tempos ranging from 100 bpm - 140 bpm giving flexibility for double time, warping and shaping, irrelevant of genre. Inside each tempo we've included groove providing ride cymbal loops, hi-hat loops and patterns, off beat and more complex shaker patterns, rolling snare phrases, jazz tinged brushed grooves, hat & rim samples and endless variations, each with it's own beautiful swing and groove ensuring your beats will sounds livelier than ever. Recorded and mixed to the highest quality, each 24bit royalty free loop will work perfectly as the backbone of any beat or glide seamlessly over pre-programmed material.

Organic Percussion Samples You'll Actually Use

So, if you're looking to add a unique tool that's creative, a great problem solver and as a bonus sounds great this ones for you. Stunning vibes, perfect grooves and a modern producers must have - get those beats rolling today!

Size: 245Mb
Loops: 171
Tempos: 100 - 140 Bpm
Styles - Live Shakers, Rides, Cymbals, Hats & Percussion For House, Electronica, Jazz and Beyond.