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Percussion Toolkit

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Download Essential Shaker Loops & Percussion

From the beautifully captured shaker loops to the iconic sound of a perfectly performed Conga, our Percussion Toolkit is the quintessential percussion library your tracks have been crying out for. Produced by one of our favourite session musicians, the collection has been developed with the producer in mind. Gone are the overly complex, unusable rhythms but instead replaced with simple grooves that operate in two unique ways: 1. Laid simply, each loop will compliment your programmed beats. Never getting in the way each loop will add that human touch of swing and groove. 2. When locked together, new & interesting rhythms can be developed with total control. YOU control the complexity.


Add Rhythm With Our Iconic Congas, Bongoes & Clave Loops

Digging inside this beauty you'll see we've reached for the classics. Think 1/4 note to 16th shaker loops, stunning bongo rhythms that will interlock with your best beats, transient rich cowbells and claves, beautifully organic seed shakers and so much more. Covering both metallic and wooden tones, we just know there's a place for this library in any serious producer's collection! To ensure maximum flexibility, we've chosen tempos that compliment numerous genres preventing the need for extensive warping and manipulation. Lower tempos cover hip-hop, 140 grooves are covered with both 70 & 140 bpm options plus 80 bpm covers the DnB & Hip-Hop guys out there. We've also thrown in 120 for those soulful, deep house rhythms or stripped back organic techno, we've got you!


Explore Beautifully Performed, Royalty-Free Percussion Samples

So, if you're a producer, performer or beatmaker then this ones for you. From the most simple of shaker loops to the complex polyrhythms one can achieve when layering, we just know this percussion library will lift your beats and as always, it's 100% royalty-free.

 80-140 Bpm
Styles - 
Timeless organic percussion samples, classic shaker loops & more.
Instruments - Congas, Shakers, Cabasa, Cowbells, Bongoes, Claves, Seeds & Woodblocks.