Percussion Anthology

Percussion Anthology

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Inside The Pack

Size: 724 MB

Loops: 290

Tempos: 80 -130

Instruments: Bongos, Cajon High, Mid & Low, Cajon Brush, Cajon Snare High & Low, Conga, Djembe, Djun Djun, Headed Tambo, Timbale, High Timbale, Kanjira, Mini Cajon Snare, Pandeiro, Sakara, Tamborim, Doumbek, Doumbek Mallet, Floor Tom, Tumba, Moroccan, Quinto, Dmbek.


The Last Hand Percussion Pack You'll Need

Following the success of our 'Shaker Anthology' pack, we've returned with another huge collection of hand percussion loops! From Bongos to Cajon Brush, Timbale to Pandeiro, Sakara to Doumbek, we've aimed to supply you with the variety you need to keep reaching for some hand percussion loops! 


More Human & More Textured

Just like before, we're here to offer you the most texture and living, breathing performance to your music. Mapped between 80 and 130 BPM' whether it's House, HipHop, Electronica or more, no genre should be without some expertly played and edited percussion loops. Guaranteed to add at least one new hand percussion instrument to your library, there's plenty to work with here.

No more reaching for the same perc samples! 


Always Royalty-Free

Full of options and flexibility and over 700Mb in size, switching up your production with some authentic hand percussion loops has never been so easy. And as always, 100% royalty-free!