Nu-Disco Licks

Nu-Disco Licks

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Disco Bass Loops

We're kicking off 2022 in style! Nu-Disco Licks is exactly what it says on the tin; super stylish, expertly played disco bass guitar loops with some funk blended in for good measure. Played across six key signatures and moving from picked, fingered and slap bass, there's plenty here to jump into.

Session Standard Playing

Each of the 90 original nu-disco licks are played to the highest standard at 100, 100 and 120bpm. We then ran those 'clean' recordings through some classic gear, to give you 'dirty' and 'chorus' options for each. Found the perfect lick but wish it had more bite? Load in the 'dirty' version that's been run through chains of warm, vintage saturation and distortion! 

Always Royalty-Free

So if you need some Nu-Disco Bass playing for your funk and disco tracks, or you want to add some groove and style into your house or upbeat HipHop productions, look no further. As always every loop is royalty-free and ready to load into your DAW of choice! 


Size: 627.8MB

Loops: 270

Tempos: 100 - 120

Styles: Clean, Dirty and Chorus bass loops. Packed with picked and slapped bass licks, with heavy groove and disco styles.