Nebula Sunrise

Nebula Sunrise

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Inside The Pack

Size: 369.5MB

Loops: 106

Tempos: 68 -130

Styles: Retro-Pop, Synth-Pop, 80s Vibes, and Silky RnB instrumentals.


Authentic Retro Pop Loops

Inspired by his fifth LP, ‘Dawn FM’, Nebula Sunrise jumps into the vibrant, vintage worlds of The Weekend and OneOhtrixPointNever. ‘Dawn FM’s exploration into 80s Synth-Pop, RnB, and Retro-Pop is as emotive as it is authentic to the era. Coupled with the worn-out-VHS production approach of OneOhtrixPointNever, it’s a style we couldn’t wait to start to play around with ourselves, creating something that echos the album for your own productions!

Warped Tape Loops

Across over 100 loops we present 80s drum beats, chorus rich bass lines, vibrant and wobbling synths, twisted arpeggios, crunchy percussion, and a load of messed up FX and pad sounds. Vintage synths and emotional progressions are recklessly processed, finding beauty in taking things back to the old school of low bitrates and noisy, crunchy recordings.

Always Royalty-Free

As always each loop is expertly mixed and finessed, slotting into any genre or project you need it to. Or take combinations of sounds to kickstart your next project! And all 100% royalty-free!