MIDI Anthology II

MIDI Anthology II

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Inside The Pack:

Size: 4.2MB
Loops: 1014
Arps: 175
Bass: 199
Chord Progressions: 208
Leads: 76
Melody: 62
Organic: 127
Pads: 74
Synths: 92
Tempos: 68 - 178
Styles: From HipHop to SynthWave and RnB to House. Over a thousand MIDI loops to play with! 


Explore Incredible MIDI Loops

We've returned with our latest pack: MIDI Anthology II. Following up on the original 'MIDI Anthology' released back in late 2020, we've dug deep and collated another collection of over 1000 MIDI loops! Taken from our favorite packs of the past few years, explore these MIDI Loops for must-have quick, inspired writing and production. 

Just like the first time, we've focused on loops that capture style and performance over grid-locked chords MIDI. When you load them in you'll find clips with life and soul that add a feeling of real performance to your work.


MIDI With Living Performance

Broken down into 8 folders, and each folder organised by tempo, you'll find what you need quickly and efficiently. Here are what's inside each:

Arps: With 175 MIDI clips ranging 80 to 178bpm, there's plenty to start with here. expect patterns with groove, swing and vibe.

Bass: The backbone of all great electronic music! 199 Solid Bass progressions.

Chord Progressions: Over 200 clips in size, we've really gone to town on these inspiring, creative Chord Progressions. Gone are days of stale, rigid chord loops!

Leads: We've all been stuck with a great 8 bar idea that needs a living, breathing lead line to take it to the next step. Look no further! 

Melody: From HipHop to House and RnB to Jazz, a great melody is everything. use to kick start a new idea, or bring to life a chord progression.

Organic: From Keys, Rhodes, Bells to Harps and beyond, these clips feel like a real live performance.

Pads: A great way to expand on your chords and melodies and add some depth. From simple chord shapes to crazy patterns.

Synths: Taken from across the past few years of packs, we've amassed a huge selection of synth loops. The MIDI here is a selection of our favorite, guaranteed to inspire! Use with your go-to vintage synth preset, or load into your DAWs most basic synth sound. 

So if you're at the end of your tether trying to start, progress, or finish a track, download and explore this huge collection of MIDI Loops. It could be just what you need!