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Introducing the Touch Loops MIDI Anthology. Pieced together over the last 3 years, we've finally grouped together over 1800 MIDI files, each beautifully performed by our in house team of producers and musicians. From synth loops to mapped out midi arps, soulful piano MIDI and rolling bass lines, it's all included in this monstrous producers must have.

With the access to hundreds of MIDI packs that include basic I-IV-V chord progressions we wanted to truly embrace the art of performance. With that in mind each loop has been beautifully composed to provide variations in velocity, tone and character meaning each loop swings and grooves in the way only a human being can produce.


Broken down into 6 super useful categories you'll find the following:

Arps - Over 100 incredible arp loops that offer more originality and uniqueness that traditional up / down patterns.

Bass - Broken down into Hip-Hop, House, Trap / Juke

Extras - You'll find genre specific bass lines that offer vibes and endless inspiration.

Keys - Covering all styles from ambient piano passages to soulful, Hip-Hop inspired licks try these across your favourite Rhodes plug-ins or pianos. Think soul keys, emotive piano progressions and endless chord variations.

Leads - Struggling to find a hook?! We've included over 100 lead ideas and variations for you to get stuck into. Lead lines are an amazing way to embrace the power of MIDI so get stuck in, get chopping and twist these iconic lines to fit your tracks.

Single Chords - From the basic to the more embellished, these are perfect for dropping into your progressions for a more established and inspiring chord progression.

Synths - Covering lead lines, chord progressions and more abstract ideas, these little loops of inspiration are great for testing out when your tracks are dying for a little bit extra!

So, if you're bored of struggling with the same old chord progressions, feel your compositions are stuck in a rut or need some fresh inspiration then this enormous pack of non stop inspiration could be the things you're looking for.
With an emphasis on performance over predictability, we just know you'll find endless opportunity to get these into your tracks and make them your own! ~Happy sampling!


MIDI: 1868
Arps - 130
Bass - 
Keys -
Leads - 
Single Chords - 
Synths - 
Styles - Piano chord progressions, Arpeggio MIDI Loops, Soulful Leads, MIDI Bass Lines for all genres.