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Memory Cassettes

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Immerse Yourself In These Classic Synth Samples

Cultured Cassettes takes inspiration from the chaotic sound worlds of OneoTrixPointNever and the iconic UK label Warp Records. Home to artists like Aphex Twin, Clark and Darkstar, their trademark nostalgic synth work and tone is written across every single one of these stunning samples. Heavily focused on the mellotron as well as our favourite classic analogue synths, we've degraded each loop to reveal beautiful textures that wobble and distorted in all the right ways. It's this degradation of sound that makes these classic synth samples evoke true emotion and sentiment.

Get Lost In Our Debut Synthwave Sample Pack

From the rich colours and textures to the hard hitting beats, this ones a future icon in the making.. here's what's inside: Inside you’ll find a large Mellotron folder covering every key signature (with MIDI for each loop) that takes the classic sound and runs it through that old VHS player in your attic. Sub Bass lines, 808s, processed beats and modern synthesis drags this pack back into 2020 forming a genre clash that sounds both unique and equal parts nostalgic.

A Beautifully Nostalgic Retro Sound Pack

Equally at home in the Hip-Hop or sound track world, this collection of abstract production guarantees to lift you tracks and ensure you stand out from the crowd. From the manipulated live instruments of the mellotron to the processed granular synths, we just know this pack will be an instant winner. So, if you're looking to harness the power of nostalgic and create something beautifully evocative then this ones for you - saturated and pushed in all the right places!


Size: 292.9 MB



Tempos: 100 - 120 BPM

Styles: VaporWave, 80s Retro Sound Pack, Noise Loops, Vintage, House