Lo-Fi Techno One Shots

Lo-Fi Techno One Shots

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Techno Drum Samples

Lo-Fi Techno One Shots is a bespoke collection of over 200 saturated, character driven and analogue twisted techno drum samples. Perfect for all kinds of Techno, Lo-Fi House and dark electronica.  Sourced from our in house collection of classic drum machines and live kit recordings, this incredibly diverse collection of sounds will play perfectly with your warped musical elements, aggressive stabs and leads cutting through even the busiest of mixes.

Analogue Processed Drum One Shots

We've been busy processing these hard hitting techno drum samples with tape saturation, Lo-Fi VHS players, analogue outboard and a plethora of old school guitar pedals to create the most authentic of Lo-Fi drums.  Think abused 909's, 808's, mute kicks, crunchy snares, warped hats, driven toms and so much more. You also find a batch of processed live drum recordings, the perfect accompaniment to those saturated digital tones.

Over 200 Individual Hits

So whether your produce house, techno or electronica, this incredibly unique drum one shots sample pack will take pride and place in your sample collection and guarantee to become an instant go-to when adding character to your drums.


Size: 169.1Mb

One Shots: 220

Kicks: 50

Snares & Claps: 80

Hats & Cymbals: 50

Percussion: 40

Styles - House & Techno, Drum Machines